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Building bridges!!

my first attempt to romance the blogging community with a popular term “mid life crisis”… to me it is a defining stage in life when u are sort of running out on options to look upto life yet u have this unbridled energy to find something new n worthwhile that’s totally captivating …. a fresh space which is engaging in a way that it completes u …hones ur real caliber n gives u a purposeful life !!!!

now the pressing  question is what is the way out and how to travel that distance afresh without baggage of experience and Fear of failure ….to me the answer is definetly “the only way out is in”…. at a juncture where u have been there n done n yet it feels like a vaccum, a tipping point then definetly the time  has come to approach towards an “optionB” which will  build resilience, offer enough space to maintain a healthy me  and makes us naturally joyful.

All I have is hope and wish more n more people address this vacuum with an uplifting purpose rather than sink n die before death Only when the old bridges are burnt can we have an opportunity to build new ones !!!